Membership Agreement

Training and Apprenticeships in Construction Ltd (TrAC), Company Registration Number 07913006, is a company limited by guarantee.  It does not have shares or shareholders but instead has members who support the objects of the company which are as follows:

  1. Working predominantly but not exclusively in the construction, engineering and allied trades:
  • to employ a pool of apprentices whilst they undertake apprenticeship training with approved training providers, hiring out each apprentice to work with local contractors and on appropriate projects for specified periods of time;
  • to provide management of work sourcing and placement of apprentices for non-members, members and their supply chains;
  • to provide pre-work training and pre-apprenticeship employment to potential apprentices, including employability and vocational training; and
  • to identify and manage appropriate work placement opportunities for pre-employment purposes.
  1. The day-to-day management of TrAC is carried out by the directors, but by becoming a member you will be entitled to:
  • attend and vote at general meetings; normally one meeting per year, called the Annual General Meeting or AGM, and you will be given at least three weeks' notice of the place and time of the meeting. We may also need to call other general meetings in exceptional circumstances;
  • receive the annual accounts of the company; and
  • vote on any fundamental changes to the nature of the company, its name, its purposes, and reinvestment of any surplus.

By completing this form you agree that:

  • In the event that the company is wound up, you will pay £5 to the company - this is the limit of your 'guarantee' as set out in the Memorandum of Association.
  • You will make a membership donation of £750 which will be invoiced at the date of signing this agreement and is payable within 30 days.
  • You will not be entitled to receive any dividend or other income from the company.
  • You will not be liable for any debts of the company.

To the Board of Training and Apprenticeships in Construction (TrAC) Ltd.

We wish to become a member of TrAC, subject to the provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company and to the Rules.  

This DEED is made on the date entered below.  WE agree to pay to the company an amount of £5 if the company is wound up while WE are a MEMBER of TrAC or for up to 12 months after cessation of membership.  WE also agree to make a membership donation of £750 which is payable within 30 days of the date of this agreement.

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