Increase your chances of success.

TrAC apprentices have the best chance of succeeding with above industry average retention and completion levels.

And completing the TrAC application form has never been simpler - our new and much improved application form is a simple, three stage form, taking only a couple of minutes to complete.  Applicants will be telephone screend within 3 working days and told told immediately whether they have made it through to the next round.

Check out our interview guidance and information about the Construction Safety Certification Scheme (CSCS) test and why it's important to the industry.

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Finding the right candidates.

Our apprentice management team are experts at finding the right candidate for the job and work hard to manage and support apprentices through to completion of their training.

TrAC apprentices and the contractors whose sites they work on can be sure they are getting the very best from every placement opportunity.

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