Engineering &
Advanced Manufacturing

Are you looking for a career in engineering or advanced manufacturing?  

If so, a TrAC Apprenticeship can help you get that first role in your chosen career. 

Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeships are available in all fields of industry. 

 There are many different types of engineering roles and we can help you decide what's right for you. 

TrAC is a Flexi Job Apprenticeships Agency and we can employ you and then place you with different engineering businesses over the duration of your Apprenticeship. 

We will also help and support you into full time work or further learning at the end of the Apprenticeship. 


Does your business need an engineerning or manufacturing apprentice for a fixed term? 

It can be difficult to provide opportunities to apprentices on short term projects or where you need an apprentice to work on a specific contract. 

The TrAC flexible apprentice solution provides local apprentices with an opportunity to work in your business for fixed placement periods.

TrAC finds, recruits, manages and supports apprentices, negotiates the cost of and organises all training and end point assessment.  TrAC apprentices are fully supported and managed by experienced apprentice managers which in turn delivers improved apprentice motivation, retention, completion and into employment outcomes.

Let TrAC provide and support apprentices to your business, allowing you to get on with what you do best.


TrAC can support Apprenticeship Providers too.

TrAC has better than average retention and success rates which is great news for training providers.

TrAC provides bespoke support to every apprentice and focuses heavily on attendance at site and for off the job training, something which we know can be an issue.  Our timesheet and attendance records enable us to proactively manage attendance issues in real time.  Our apprentice management team works closely with training providers and host companies to ensure the apprentice is given the right experience at work and during training, and has every opportunity to complete their apprenticeship to the highest standard.  Training providers will have access to our state of the art apprentice management system providing real time information and ensuring effective communication at all stages of the apprentice journey. 

Our Account Managers complete 12 weekly reviews with all our apprentices and providers are invited to participate in these. 

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