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Looking for an apprentice to work on a project?

TrAC employs apprentices across all areas of construction so that contractors can fulfil employment and skills obligations without having to commit to a full two or three year duration typically required by a traditional apprenticeship.

Contractors don't have to worry about moving an apprentice when the project comes to an end - they simply hand the apprentice back at the end of the placement.  A TrAC apprentice soltuion is flexible and offers greater security that the apprentice will be able to complete their training.

Win more work

With a TrAC apprentice contractors and their supply chains can evidence support for the employment agenda without making a long term commitment.


Bid for more work opportunities confident of delivering apprenticeship targets on client projects even when site time is limited.

A TrAC apprentice could save you time and money.

All TrAC apprentices go through a rigorous recruitment and selection process saving you time and money.  When a TrAC apprentice is on your project, you and the apprentice are guaranteed our full support for the duration of the placement and beyond.  The apprentice benefits by working with a wide range of different contractors, getting valuable site experience for their qualification.

Let us manage your apprentices

Use our award winning apprentice management model and get the best out of your apprentice.

For many, an apprenticeship is likely to be their first full time job. A young person will need a period of adjustment to get used to the differences between education and the workplace and our apprentice managers are experts at helping apprentices make the transition.  Let us manage and support your apprentices for you, providing advice and guidance around everything from adjusting to the workplace, to safeguarding and the government's Prevent agenda.  Our apprentice managers are available to answer any questions you or your apprentice has.

A TrAC managed apprentice allows you to get on with what you do best.


How much does it cost?

Contractors are charged an hourly fee for any shared apprentice hours worked on site and at college.  Included in this fee is a contribution towards initial recruitment costs, the apprentice pay and benefits package, a discounted contribution towards apprenticeship training costs, apprentice management, HR and payroll.

All TrAC apprentices are hand picked by our experienced recruitment team and they take and pass drug and alcohol screening, as well as the CSCS test before they start their apprenticeship.  On their first day with a contractor, they arrive on site with basic PPE (most contractors want TrAC apprentices to wear branded PPE) and details of their CSCS test pass ready to receive a site induction.

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