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TrAC apprentices are placed with some of the largest and most prestigious construction companies in the UK as well as smaller contractors and niche organisations

Each TrAC apprenticeship is made up a series of different placements on construction sites with our Host Company partners.

So far, 100% of our apprentices have secured employment in the industry on completion of their apprenticeships.  Many have gone into employment with one of our Host Company partners, whilst others have chosen to pursue the freedom of self-employment, working in Host Company supply chains.

Working with more than one company during a TrAC apprenticeship has a number of benefits:

  • Not all companies are the same!  A fixed duration placement gives the apprentice and the host company an opportunity to work together before making any longer term commitment.
  • There are many different ways of doing things and apprentices are likely to experience different approaches, enriching their site experiences.
  • Confidence and social skills improve quickly - construction sites are generally very busy places and TrAC apprentices will meet lots of different people and companies over the course of the apprenticeship.
  • Each new placement is like a promotion - the apprentice is no longer seen as a beginner and can build on what they have learned so far.


What happens if college training doesn't start straight away?

Apprenticeship courses have specific start dates that don’t always coincide with when contractors have site training opportunities available. That’s why TrAC offers prospective apprentices the opportunity of paid on site work for the period prior to the start date of the apprenticeship.  This valuable work experience will generally make completion of the apprenticeship easier.

It’s sometimes hard to know what career to follow – a TrAC pre-apprenticeship placement provides an opportunity to experience the role, before fully committing to the apprenticeship.

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