Do your students know about the opportunities in construction?

There are 186 different and exciting career opportunities for girls and boys from a wide range of abilities in variety of trade and technical disciplines.

Our Construction Ambassadors, STEM Ambassadors and Enterprise Advisers can support your school activities in a number of ways:

  • Our Construction & STEM Ambassadors can support delivery of exciting and inspiring activites, both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Our experienced apprentice managers can support your next careers event by providing real interview opportunities for the apprenticeships we are recruiting for to students on the day.
  • Our Enterprise Advisers (part of The Careers & Enterprise programme) are matched to specific schools and work closely with the senior leadership team and careers staff to develop a careers and enterprise plan and fill gaps in provision.

If you'd like our help supporting one of your school events, or you want to find out more about the different career opportunities for your students or how our Ambassadors and Enteprise Advisers can work more closely with your school, please get in touch.

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