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TrAC, a not-for-profit, shared Apprenticeship service, has teamed up with Dardan Security, who has pledged all their transferable Apprenticeship Levy to TrAC, in order to fund new Apprenticeship opportunities for disadvantaged young people in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. 

Already, Dardan Security have transferred funds for 1 Apprenticeship in Norfolk and have committed to another in Cambridge which should start imminently as part of the pilot FutureIn Property and Construction programme supporting young and homeless people into construction Apprenticeships.

Maddy Buxton, Business & Finance Manager at TrAC said: “It is a real struggle for an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) like TrAC to access enough funding to enable the young people we employ to start Apprenticeships. Without this and other levy transfers, TrAC would struggle to support the volume of young people and businesses that are in need.  We would like to thank Dardan Security for their commitment and support which enables us to continue delivering sustainable Apprenticeships for more young people.” 

Philip Anthony, Managing Director at Dardan Security said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be partnering with TrAC. Their commitment to providing Apprentice opportunities for young people across the region is incredibly important to us and we’re thrilled to be involved.” 

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