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TrAC, a not-for-profit, shared apprenticeship scheme, has teamed up with VolkerWessels UK, who has pledged some of its unused Apprenticeship Levy to TrAC, in order to fund as many apprenticeships as possible. Originally, VolkerWessels UK had agreed to fund one apprenticeship – but after several conversations, have decided to pledge some of its own Levy funds, in order to help as many apprentices to start their construction careers as possible.

Maddy Buxton, Business & Finance Manager at TrAC, said: “The ability to access enough funding to enable the young people we work with to start apprenticeships is one of our biggest challenges. By, pledging a large amount of their Levy pot VolkerWessels UK is making a huge difference to TrAC, and the young people whose apprenticeship training they are funding.”

Sally Moore, Director of TrAC, said: “We are extremely grateful to VolkerWessels UK for sharing its apprenticeship levy with us so we can help more young people to begin their careers in the construction industry, allowing sub-contractors to take on apprentices without the direct employment responsibility.  All TrAC apprentices, who have completed their apprenticeships since we started in 2012, have successfully progressed into work or higher education”.

When asked, Christine Dobbs, Apprenticeship Lead at VolkerWessels UK, replied: “Here at VolkerWessels UK, we are acutely aware of the skills shortage across the civil engineering and infrastructure sector; and the part we can play in attracting new entrants in order to meet this challenge.  With construction projects often not running the full length of an apprenticeship, it can be difficult for Apprentices to complete their studies with a single employer. TrAC is plugging this gap and is helping people to gain a qualification, whilst earning at the same time.  Supporting this model ensures a win-win for both the Apprentice, as well as us as the host employer, and we are delighted to be associated with TrAC”


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